“I Just Want To Tone.”


“I don’t want to get big; I just want to tone.” 

“Heavy weights are for men only.” 

“I read somewhere that if you want to burn fat you should do low weight and high repetitions.”

“I just can’t seem to lose these last five pounds; I guess I need to do more cardio.” 

I have been a personal trainer now for five years, and these are statements that I hear on a daily basis from females at the gym.

The irony of it all is that when I am training a client for fat loss, I do the EXACT opposite.



You can either build muscle, or lose muscle.

You either burn fat, or gain fat.


You CANNOT shape or elongate a muscle.

That’s just not how the human body works.

The appearance of “toning,” or “tightening,” is really just a combination of building muscle and losing fat.

Muscle is much more dense than fat is.

Therefore, when you put on muscle mass and lose body fat, you actually look SMALLER, giving you that “toned” appearance.


You DO NOT need to exercise differently than men do.

You DO NOT need to lift light weights for high repetitions.

You DO NOT need to do tons of cardio to burn fat.

If you want a lean, muscular physique, lift heavy weights and keep your workouts short and intense, preferably under one hour.

Lifting heavy weights engages more muscle fibers and will cause your body to expend more energy.

Not only that, but because of the intense nature of the workout, your metabolism is elevated for an entire 48 hours after a session.

This means you will continue burning calories long after you have left the gym.

Perform complex movements like squats, pushups, deadlifts, and just get stronger!

There is no need to fear “getting bigger.”

Women simply just do not have the hormonal profile to build muscle at the same rate as males.

Men have a lot more testosterone than women, and trust me, it’s not that easy for them either.


Long distance running places a huge stress on the body from all angles.

Not only does is wreak havoc on your joints, but it also causes your body to produce cortisol, a stress hormone.

When cortisol is elevated for long periods of time, our bodies will store fat, particularly around the midsection.

If fat loss is your main goal, cortisol should be kept as low as possible; this is the main reason why this type of cardio should be avoided.

Instead, replace jogging with lots of long walks and a session or two per week of sprinting.

Like weight lifting, sprinting will build muscle throughout your entire body, and because of its intense nature, will cause your body to produce human growth hormone.

This hormone has been linked to anti-aging and is very powerful in regards to burning fat.

Unlike with cortisol, your goal should be to keep this hormone elevated.


Stop using exercise to burn calories.

80-90% of body composition is controlled by DIET.

If you think you can out-exercise a bad diet, you are in for a rude awakening.

Exercise should be viewed as a tool to accompany GREAT nutrition.

Start by eliminating grains, conventional dairy, legumes, and sugar from your diet – immediately.

Eat clean, organic protein, an unlimited amount of vegetables, and 2-3 servings of fruit each day.

Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day, and please STOP COUNTING CALORIES.

Focus on eating a diet rich In WHOLE FOODS and void of all processed foods and refined sugars.


You are every bit as capable as a man to achieve the fitness goals you have always longed for.

You shouldn’t be limited to Bosu balls and 5 pound dumbbells.

Some of the best clients I have ever trained have been women.

Get past the stereotypes and misconceptions about how you should train.

Come into the gym focused and ready to CRUSH your workout.

Get out in less than an hour feeling accomplished and energized, instead of drained and discouraged.

Go home and eat lots of nutritious food and get plenty of rest, so that you can come back stronger, ready to CRUSH another workout.

The only limits you have are the ones you place on yourself.

Once you get past this, the sky is the limit!


Author: J.J.Valdivia

My name is J.J. Valdivia. I've worked in the fitness industry for almost a decade, helping others achieve their goals and dominate in all aspects of life. I started writing on the internet almost 3 years ago in order to reach out to as many people as possible and spread my personal philosophies on training, nutrition, and life. Along with health and fitness, I have many other passions and interests: I enjoy listening to music, watching films, and reading as many books as I possibly can in my free time. I believe that learning is a life long endeavor, and I strive to better myself on a daily basis in order to grow as a human being and spread positivity, love, and knowledge throughout the world. I don't believe that anyone should be limited to doing any one thing; and I encourage others to explore their creativity and unique genius in as many mediums as possible. Some of my personal heroes include: Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Bruce Lee, Jackie Robinson, Michael Jordan, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, Steve Jobs, Samuel Johnson, Martin Luther King Jr., Viktor Frankl, Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus of Nazareth, Sydney Portier, Charles Darwin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Nelson Mandela.

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